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Natural Candid Wedding Photography
Natural Candid Wedding Photography


Hey! My name is Joanne and I'm a wedding photographer based in Dundee, Scotland. I have been photographing weddings for

7+ years and it's my absolute passion. 

I'm a huge foodie and love visiting new places. My fiancé and I will literally plan our whole trips around where the best food and coffee is!

I love fashion and home interiors which I feel translates over to my love of weddings. Everything about weddings excites me - from the

wedding fashion to the decor to documenting a love story. 

My photography style is very candid and documentary with a hint of modernity and an editorial touch. I like to keep up with the trends that

resonate with my work and use them to create fun, arty images but still keeping the natural feel.

If I had £1 for every time a couple has told me they feel awkward in front of the camera I would be rich (no, really!) so I am 

determined to change that by making my couples feel as comfortable as possible when getting their photos taken. I use some light posing

through out the wedding day and stay well clear of the cringe, uncomfortable poses.

I have had my work featured in many magazines such as Tie the Knot, VOGUE, SWD, Scottish Field Magazine and more. I am a

recommended supplier for many venues around Scotland and absolutely love the relationships I have built within the wedding industry and all of the friends I have made. A great part of this job is connecting with likeminded people and sharing our passions. 

If you would like to chat further about having me photographing your special day then please get in touch via my contact form HERE or give me an email on

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